Friday, 24 May 2013

Tech: What You Don't Know About Using Two Different Antivirus Softwares At A Time

I have seen people who run more than one antivirus program on a computer. They probably don't know it's best to use only one.

The fact is that you should "Never install more than one Antivirus and Firewall! Rather than giving you extra protection, it will decrease the reliability of it seriously! The reason for this is that if both products have their automatic (Real-Time) protection switched on, your system may lock up due to both software products attempting to access the same file at the same time. Also because more than one Antivirus and Firewall installed are not compatible with eachother, it can cause system performance problems and a serious system slowdown."

If you use more than one antivirus i advice you uninstall one for better performance of your system.

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