Wednesday, 27 March 2013

How to Use the Facebook Like Button

If you've noticed the Facebook "Like" button showing up all over the Web, you might be wondering what it does, exactly. This article will provide an overview.

1. Learn to recognize the "Like" button.

In most cases, it looks like the image above.

Sometimes it will have a number next to it, which tells you how many other people liked the page you're looking at.

2. Before clicking the button, consider who will see it.

By default, any of your friends on Facebook will be able to see what you "Like". It will be visible on your Wall, and it may show up in their news feed. So, for instance, if you're Facebook friends with your boss or co-workers, you may want to hold back on publicly liking a page on "How to Look Busy at Work Without Really Working."

You can also fine tune your privacy settings on Facebook to control who sees your "Likes".
Here's how to do it;
Select "Account",
then "Privacy Settings"
then to "Profile Information".
In the dropdown menu, choose "Customize".
From "These People" dropdown menu, choose "Only Me" if you don't want anyone to see your "Likes" (which renders the "Like" button almost useless)
or choose "Specific People".

On certain websites, your Facebook friends might get notified about your "Likes" through something called "Instant Personalization". For example, upon visiting Pandora, your mother might find out you like Satanic heavy metal.

3. Note that you may be asked to log in to Facebook when you click the "Like" button. If you are already logged in, the "Like" will be posted to your profile (according to your privacy settings) instantaneously.
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