Sunday, 14 September 2014

Apps: How to use Google Maps offline mode on Android, iPhone

Firstly, you'll need to update your device. The iOS version is now at 3.0, while Android is at 8.0. Android users who aren't seeing the update right away should keep checking back.

Once you have the updated version, launch the app and tap on the profile icon located next to the search bar. Then scroll to the bottom of the page.

There'll you'll find a new section dedicated solely to offline maps. You have two methods for saving a section for offline use. The first is here in the settings, or by typing "OK Maps" into the search bar at any time when viewing a map.

After activating the save dialogue, you're able to zoom in and out of an area and save it to your device. If the area is too large, you'll be asked you zoom in, name the area, and save it.
Keep in mind any saved maps will only remain on your device for 30 days. Presumably, after that the app will purge a saved map to clear up space on your device.
Details from cnet.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Six tips to building a huge social network

Social media is a great way to put yourself out there and receive a rewarding, fulfilling response from likeminded (or just open-minded) individuals from all over the world. It’s also a great way to expand your personal and professional networks, which can result in all kinds of advantages down the line, from fun opportunities to a free exchange of ideas to measurable professional gain. And anyone can build a respectable online network with a little diligence and some online savvy.

Here are six ways to help you stand out in the increasingly busy social media crowd and build a massive following for yourself by leveraging the latest apps, best practices, and Intel-powered mobile devices.

1. Reach out to readers and networks that make sense
While it’s wise to have a presence on every major social media network, you’re going to get the best response by focusing your energies on the most appropriate networks for you. Determining this is a matter of researching demographics and usage patterns, trial and error, and common sense. For example, a professional looking to establish leadership or expand visibility in his chosen industry (perhaps to get a better job offer) might choose to focus heavily on LinkedIn, while an aspiring fashion designer or visual artist would likely be best on a more visual network like Pinterest or Instagram, where folks with similar interests are more likely to spend time. Try starting here to help you get started on your strategy.

Regardless of which networks you choose, remember to tailor your messaging appropriately. Updates on Twitter should fit well within its 140-character limit, and should use hashtags when appropriate. Videos on YouTube should be short and professionally edited. Continue to refine your messaging based on the updates that bring in the most Likes, Retweets, and new followers. And remember, all of the major social networks have their own apps, so it’s easy to make updates on the fly with the lightning fast processor inside your Intel tablet. But opening all those apps individually can suck up a lot of time if you’re going to be active across many networks. Not to worry: there’s an app for that!

2. Use an app to streamline the process
Juggling a half dozen social media platforms and possibly even more actual accounts can suck up a huge amount of time. There’s no need to handle them all individually. You can use a centralized app or online service to help streamline the operation. Services like Hootsuite, Buffer, and SocialFlow let you register all your accounts, then manage them from a central dashboard, where you can create posts, schedule them for release, and better manage the chatter about you and the topics you care about. These apps let you turn an Android tablet like the Acer Iconia A1 into a convenient multi-tasking dashboard, and no matter what you’re sharing, it’ll be easy to do it from anywhere thanks to its zippy Intel® Core™ processor.

3. Share and re-share original content
Sure, sharing third-party content like lists and gifs is fun, but your social network may be more interested in content you’ve created yourself. Original blog posts are especially appealing, as they give the reader a personal peek into your mind, helping to establish you as a unique voice and build a stronger bond with your online network.

While most social media shares should be sent out only once, feel free to re-share your best original content multiple times. Experts advise sharing posts up to three times, at intervals of eight hours apart, in order to reach readers located in every time zone around the world. But remember: social networking isn’t all about you, it’s about communication, and that means more than sending out content for feedback.

4. Spend time responding, rather than just posting
Social media is a two-way (or multi-way) conversation, and you prove that you’re actively listening when you take part in that conversation rather than simply sending out blind updates. The biggest social media players have shown how successful it can be if you actually respond to other people’s posts more often than you create your own original ones. Social media users feel a connection when you write back. And when they know that you’re a real person with a legitimate interest in them who takes them seriously, they’ll be more likely to reciprocate. (Pro tip: make sure you use the appropriate syntax and standards for @ replies, hashtags, and the like. Not doing so may cause followers to quickly lose patience with you.) And once you’ve started to forge a connection, make sure you maintain it by staying active, no matter what distractions come up, or where you find yourself.

5. Leverage mobility to very your message
Life doesn’t just happen in the office and the living room. Thanks to ubiquitous connectivity and portable devices like Intel-powered tablets, you can (and should) get your message across from just about anywhere. Rather than writing a social media update about what you’re thinking, now you can tell people what you’re actually doing. Better yet, show them with a photo or short video. The Asus VivoTab Note 8 makes capturing and sharing a photo or video with your followers easy, and its Intel processor keeps it running quickly and efficiently, so you can post those updates in a snap and not miss out on any of the fun.

Mix up your message and leverage these kinds of images whenever possible; studies show that users are more apt to Like or Retweet posts that contain photos than those that only contain text. And when those photos and videos include familiar faces, all the better.

6. Meld online social with real world social
Building a presence on the Internet will only get you so far. When you venture into society, use the opportunity to engage nearby members of your online network in person. This can be in the form of hosting meetups or other get-togethers at your favorite cafĂ© or watering hole, or exploring further afield by pulling together groups when you’re on the road. Invite people individually on Facebook, or broadcast your whereabouts via Twitter or Foursquare. Don’t forget to capture photographs and commentary from the gathering while the fun times are raging. Nothing beats a great party picture captured on your tablet to help build your network even further!

Follow these tips and you should start to see your social presence gain momentum. But whichever tips you take to heart, remember an Intel-powered tablet can help bump you up to the next social strata. All-day battery life gives you the power to post those selfies well into the night, and copious connectivity options let you keep your feeds active until dawn.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

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Friday, 21 March 2014

How to avoid data overages on your Android phone

Use Wi-Fi wherever possible

Duh. I mean, this isn’t 2003 when you had to explain what Wi-Fi was to a befuddled barista with a bad haircut. Today, Wi-Fi is available at most locations, including those that don’t smell of coffee or play “safe jazz”. Whenever you plan on sitting anywhere for a while, check for Wi-Fi and hook in. Your phone or tablet may even alert you to available Wi-Fi hotspots. That’s a major hint—a cry for help even. I’m certain every time my phone suggests a Wi-Fi connection it makes some Verizon executive somewhere weep.

Check mobile data usage

Despite their desire to accumulate surcharges, mobile data carriers can be a source of help. Most of them offer an app or widget that lets you access their services, and one of those services is some sort of measure of your data usage. That app may display usage live or it may need to be refreshed, but it remains a handy way to see how close you are getting to the limit. Especially when you have multiple devices on a single plan, the mobile data usage widget is an invaluable tool.

You might also consider setting up your cellular provider’s data alerts: Visit their website to peruse available notification options. These alerts—free text messages or email—are sent to all devices on the same account, which is a bonus because teenagers actually read text messages.

Use the Data Usage tool to set data alerts

You’ll find the Data Usage tool lurking within the Settings app. It’s perhaps the best method for setting mobile data alerts and even disabling access when usage gets too high. 
data usage screen
The Data Usage screen.
The Mobile Data item enables all data monitoring goodness for your phone or tablet. Once set, you can use the other two settings on the Data Usage screen to help curtail mobile data usage.
The item Limit Mobile Data Usage lets you set the ominous Red Bar of Doom on the usage grid. When mobile data encroaches upon its crimson glow, the device immediately stops using the mobile data network. The Red Bar of Doom can be adjusted up or down, depending on your data plan and whatever piddly data allotment your provider grants you.
The Alert Me About Data Usage item summons the Orange Bar of Woe. Adjust it to have the phone or tablet display a warning when data usage pierces its domain. Obviously setting the Orange Bar of Woe near the Red Bar of Doom makes sense; how close depends on how unruly the “family” part of your family plan can be.
Your cellular provider would like me to remind you that the information presented on the Data Usage screen is based on what your Android device has monitored. For corporate bottom-line reasons, that amount may not always be the same as usage values determined by your cellular provider. And, obviously, on plans with several devices, usage accumulates like dust bunnies under the couch.

Halt apps that use too much data

data usage apps
 Apps that use mobile data.
When you mosey on down the Data Usage screen you’ll discover those greedy that apps that vociferously consume mobile data. They’re listed in order of their appetite.
Choose an app to behold specific usage information. Depending on the app, you may also discover some options and settings which help you disable mobile data. Or you can just gleefully kill the app, which may offer temporary data consumption relief, plus it always makes me feel good to touch the Force Stop button.
Incidentally, quite a few apps feature controls that limit their data consumption to Wi-Fi connections only. For example, Dropbox can be directed to sync photos only over a Wi-Fi connection. For non-critical data, such settings are like a can of Febreze next to the cat box.

Avoid using features that consume way too much data

What things can consume way too much data? Try tethering. Want to hog down all your monthly quota in an hour? Set up a Wi-Fi hotspot in an airport. These two features imperil your mobile data plan like a Costco-sized tiramisu endangers a Weight-Watchers convention. Don’t try tethering or create a mobile hotspot unless you have a mobile data plan beefy enough to support them.
Other data monsters include streaming music and videos. If you're going to do a lot of that, make sure you’re Wi-Fi connected. Otherwise, you’ll poke through your monthly data plan’s gigabyte threshold like Godzilla chewing through a Tokyo apartment complex. You wallet will appreciate that disastrous event not happening on a regular basis.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

pencil printer

U.S. businesses use about 21 million tons (19 million metric tons) of paper every year -- 175 pounds of paper for each American, according to the Clean Air Council. This has led to office recycling programs, "please think before you print" e-mail signatures and printers that offer double-sided printing. Now a trio of Chinese inventors hopes to add another device to the cubicle environment: the P&P Office Waste Paper Processor, which turns paper destined for recycling into pencils. The machine, looking a bit like a three-hole punch crossed with an electric pencil sharpener, was a finalist in the 2010 Lite-On Awards, an international competition that seeks to stimulate and nurture innovation.
Here's how the pencil-making gadget works: You insert wastepaper into a feed slot. The machine draws the paper in, rolls and compresses it, and then inserts a piece of lead from a storage chamber located in the top of the device. A small amount of glue is added before -- voilĂ  -- a pencil slides out from a hole on the side. It's not clear how many pieces of paper form a single pencil, but you figure the average office worker could generate a decent supply of pencils in a month.
And that seems to be the biggest drawback to the pencil-producing gadget. How many No. 2 pencils can an office really use, given that most workers take notes on their tablet PCs or laptops? And how much glue and lead core do you need to buy to keep up with the overflowing paper recycle bin? Too much, we would suspect, which is why you may never see this gadget in your office supplies catalog [source: Bonderud].

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Newly developed website by Silent Guru

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Fresh Out Da Kicthen!

Really, it's fresh out DREAMWEAVER.

Client: ALARahman Agency (construction/auctioneering agency)

Designed by Silent Guru

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