Friday, 31 May 2013

Tech: Google Offers a New Bag of Gmail Sorting Tricks

Google has come up with a new way to let Gmail users sort their in-boxes -- a customized tab approach that appears to be particularly suited to mobile devices. It's not being force-fed -- users can stick with the old system if they like. In addition to streamlining the user experience, Google no doubt wants to streamline its ad targeting -- particularly on smartphones and tablets.

Google unveiled a new Gmail design to give users more organizational control over a cluttered in-box.

The revamped in-box is an option; users who like the approach can separate their email into four tabs: primary, promotions, social and updates.

Primary is for the mail from friends, families or colleagues that a user would want to read and perhaps save. Promotions include messages from daily deal sites like Groupon or notifications from stores about sales.

The social category includes the notifications Facebook and other social networks send when a friend posts a picture of the user, for instance.

The updates tab is for mail concerning receipts or bills.

The tabs are customizable, so users can pick and choose between those likely to get the most use in their in-box. However, it's not possible yet to create new tabs. Users can drag messages between categories or flag email from certain senders to always appear in designated tabs.

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