Thursday, 7 November 2013

How To Buy Blackberry Phones With Complete Accessories For As Low As $29.99 (N4,500) Each Either For Personal Use Or To Establish Your own Business.

Learn How to Make Money Selling Blackberry Phones
How To Order A UK Used Blackberry Phone With Complete Accessories For As Low As $29.99 (N4,500) Each
To get every detail,
Have you ever thought of buying a Blackberry but got scared off, because of the massive prices attached to it?
Are you on a Limited Budget but searching for a way to own a personal Blackberry for a cheap and affordable price?
Do you wish to start an Home-Based importation Business, importing Blackberry phones in bulk or single, right from the comfort of your very own home without breaking the bank and have your Packages delivered to your door step right here in Nigeria?
Have you thought of having chains of collections of shops, selling Blackberry phones to the general public with the best prices in town?
Or you simply just want a personal Blackberry for personal use?
If your answer is Yes to any of these questions, then i welcome you cause you are in the right place…
I am going to unveil to you, how to import Uk Used blackberry phones with a token of just N4500 each.
This is the hottest business in town as the demand for blackberry is very high.
For instance:
You can order for 3 pieces of Blackberry curve 2 which will cost you 13,500 @ the rate of N4500 each and then sell it for N14,000 each.
N14,000 x 3 = N42,000
Dont wait any longer... Because i am ready to load you with the real ideas...
¤You'll Learn websites where you can buy a perfectly working blackberry phone with less than $30
¤How to order for the blackberry phones through the help of a super freight forwarding company here in Nigeria with just $5 shipping fee and have your goods delivered to your door step in less than 7days.

¤How to easily make payment with your normal ATM card or pay into the company's GTBank Account here in Nigeria
¤How to unlock the phones in 30 seconds.

¤How to start a mini importation business of uk used blackberry, laptop, ipads, iphones, Androids, Tablets and many more with the guided method i will show you.
¤Why are the Blackberry Phones so cheap?
Ans: It is cheap because it has been used already and locked to a specific Network.
¤Can it be Unlock?
Ans:Whats the point of buying them if it cant be unlocked. We'll show you how to unlock it within 1minute.
¤Is there anyway i can ship the item free?
Ans: No! but I will show you an alternative way of shipping it almost free by using a freight forwarding company here in Nigeria. Just $5
¤How can i guarantee my money is safe?
Ans: Don't worry, just pay the freight forwarding company and they will do the shipping straight to your door step.
¤What if i dont like the product?
Ans: You can return it within 30 days if you dont like it.
Don't lose this rare offer to procrastination.
Note: This is so simple to set up. I will be your Guide and Coach throughout your journey.
In conclusion:
The E-books i will provide you are about getting you to start your Online Business now.
This is your chance to start a successful Importation business not later, not tomorrow... But Right Now!

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It'll be my greatest pleasure to be at your service......